Frequently Asked Questions

AeroAdmin can't get online, why?

AeroAdmin works on dynamic local TCP ports, and it connects to 443, 8080, 80 remote tcp ports.

If AeroAdmin is stuck on "Connecting to Authorization Server" or "Encrypting connection" It's 100% a Firewall issue! (or the service may be temporarily unavailable due to technical reasons, please contact our tech support to find it out here)

How to solve?

1) You're a private user and run AeroAdmin in your home network:
a. Open AeroAdmin menu Extras - Settings - Network, setup Authorization Server IP: Port:8080
b. Click in menu Connection - Restart

Still no luck?
c. Disable your Antivirus.

Is your AeroAdmin online now?
Yes: Great. If it was your Antivirus that blocked AeroAdmin connection, kindly fill in this form.

No: please create a ticket here.

2) You're a business user and run AeroAdmin in your corporate network:
Most likely AeroAdmin and other new software are blocked by your system administrator.

a. Please, contact him and ask to allow hosts range in the corporate Firewall:
from to

or try to follow the step 1.a, 1.b

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